Fallen Snow
Fallen Snow with a sword


Fallen Snow

"I vowed to never draw my sword again, but for this I must."


Jian Lian, an unsurpassed swordmaiden, fought alongside Warlord Nahk Lao in legendary battles to unite the lands of her realm. Battle after battle, her conscience began to weigh on her as she witnessed atrocity after atrocity. To heal her heart and spirit, Jian traveled across the ocean to visit a monastery that was home to the Monks of the Way of Water.

After learning the way of peace over war, Fallen Snow is visited by an enemy from her past, Nahk Lao. To defend peace from the barbarism of war, the monks give Jian the Blade of Fallen Snow. In accepting the sword and namesake, Jian Lian embarks on the journey that destiny chose for her.