"I will find my cubs, no matter the cost."


You cannot tell the tale of Karana, without also telling the tale of her twin brother Kanis. The two celestial canines once lived amongst the stars and guided over their pups: the mortals who walked the earth below them - speaking to them through their thoughts. However when their pups disobeyed, Karana and Kanis disagreed about what should be done. Kanis wanted to rob the mortals of their free will, while Karana felt that anything more than guidance was an overreach.

The two wolves went to war with one another. Karana triumphed and banished her brother from the spirit realm, taking away his ability to speak to, or control the minds of others. However, Kanis learned how to speak to and control machines instead. He raised a robot army that was going to mechanize all life on earth into cyborg slaves. Karana had to go to war with her brother again, and in order to do so, had to become part machine herself.