A battle wages across space and time.


Drag and choose a hero.

Our Mission

Eon Rush aims to unite a worldwide audience through exceptional gameplay and storytelling - while remaining honorable in our approach.

We believe quality is the result of dedication. Eon Rush is the coordinated effort of veteran gamers, programmers, designers, and artists striving to provide fresh experiences within our favorite genres and beyond.

We draw inspiration from the rich lore of legendary RPGs, and value gameplay that challenges players to master both the game and themselves.


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Origins Part 1



Origins Part 1

Dive into the world of Eon Rush in "Origins Part I," the first chapter of our comic series.

Eon Rush Games

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Enjoy your favorite endgame thrills without the endless filler.

  • Fresh experiences in beloved genres.

    Take down colossal monsters, compete in challenging gauntlets, and engage in heart-pounding PvP matches across a variety of battlegrounds.

  • Battle across the timelines.

    Explore eras inspired by the primal past, the fantasy realms of the present, and the cybernetic future.

  • A selection of heroes with depth.

    Discover a rich cast of Guardians, each with their own unique lore and playstyles.

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Map of Eras

Explore the Timelines.

The End of Time

A realm existing beyond the confines of time, and the home of the Chronomancers.

Primal Era

Pristine stone temples rise out of a verdant untamed jungle. The world is young, the world is wild, the world is free. It is chaos incarnate.

Present Era

The age of magic has come and the land has been lifted into high fantasy. Medieval castles intermingle with the ruins of old temples. This is a world of order and control.

Future Era

Glass and metal reflect neon lights in a world where machines have usurped the natural world. This is a world of possibility, but also a stilted lifelessness.